Reflections On Life And Death

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Reflections On Life And Death



When a child comes into this world, he finds a vast life-support system in place that provides him with everything he needs in order to survive and grow. This system is so perfect and so complete that it fulfils man’s every need, small and big, and in just the right way. From the earth to the sun, the entire universe is engaged in an astoundingly exceptional manner in the service of mankind. In this world, we think and feel that we are free. We have been given this freedom so that it could be ascertained who among us has used this freedom properly led a principled life, and who has not done so. However, one would realize that death is the moment of our having to appear before God. A wise man is he, who prepares himself for this day. This is the latest publication of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. It will encourage readers to give attention to the reality of life and death and thereby lead their lives in truly a more meaningful manner.

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