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The themes of Naturocracy could be interesting for a wider audience around the globe; reading it requires no specialised academic background. Not getting attached to anything or anyone is tremendously important in order to grasp the essence of the book. Those who think rationally and who do not want their daily lives to be dictated by others may find it a valuable read.

This book is about religious brokers who deceive and control people in the name of God. It raises many basic questions about the role of religio-politicians who divide humankind in the name of religion to create disharmony among peaceful people in a society. Religion is a completely personal affair. Nobody needs any religious traders to know what is right and what is wrong. Each human being can understand the language of nature independently without explanation from any spoken human languages.

I have striven to unearth what makes people religious. Those who do not even understand what a tiny creature like the humble bee is, how can they define its creator? I have always wondered about this. If the creator of this mysterious universe had given any holy book for mankind to follow, then he would have clarified the existing fragmentary or contradictory statements in it. But how can preachers clarify and even correct the words of the Almighty? How did they know the mind of God when they did not know about themselves? Can there be any greater sinners than those who lie and commit crimes under the religious umbrella? Against the evils of society, there should be a nature-inspired political platform for my motherland where people of all colours and creeds can live together in harmony without imposing their religious convictions on others.

Who is ruling a country is not so important for the ordinary people, but how it is being ruled is of paramount importance. The economic scale, which measures the rich and poor countries of the world, is inappropriate to measure the joy and sorrow of their people. Common people all over the earth believe in living in true peace and happiness rather than with material comforts. The more we interfere with nature, the more we will suffer for it. The root of this is the relentless desire for more pleasure and power. We must respect and accept natural laws as we are not above the laws of nature. In nature, there is no such thing as rich or poor. People in the financial economy are arbitrarily putting a monetary value on the natural economy which makes the natural economy unsustainable.

Once you have the picture in your mind’s eye, you will lucidly understand that the greatest damage being done to our planet today is being done by humans. On no account must we work anymore against nature but together with it.

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