Nitya Puja – Akhir Kyon kaise Aur kya

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Nitya Puja – Akhir Kyon kaise Aur kya



What is the Theory of principle of karma (Action) ? Why should we do Daliy Worship and What and How should we do this? What are ‘Gyan Marg’  and  Bhakti Marg ‘ and ‘Karma Marg ‘ ? We have to bear  the results of all our deeds/actions, when this is true, how can we get whatever we are not destined for (as per our past deeds/action) through worship (puja), meditation, sacrifice/home (yagya-hawan) etc. ? In worldly life, actions have to be done and their corresponding results have to be borne, then how is it possible to get salvation or mukti? What is the relationship of the Navagrahas (nine planets) with the life of a common man? If God loves/desires devotion (Bhava) only, then what is the role of lamps, incense sticks, homas etc. For logical answers to these type of scores of question, please refer the book Nitya Puja Akhir Kyon? kaise? Aur kya?’ from Global Voice Publishers and enjoy the benefits of throughly studying this book.

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