J Fparad shivling 11 to 15gms energized by pandit



Parad Shivling – Importance


The importance of Parad-shivling is described in Puran and Shastra.It is said that Those who worship Parad shiva linga attains Rudra hood i.e. Regarded as God Shiva himself and Supreme.


The main importance of Parad Shivalinga are as follows –


1- Parad shivaling is god shiva himself. Worshipping Daily and offering Bel leaves,Pushpa(flower) and snan ,Pleases and makes paradeshwor mahadev(god shiva) happy.


2 – Parad shivaling is supreme god of universe,all god and goddess worship god shiva (Parad shivaling) to please god shiva,there is no difference between god shiva and pardeshwor shivling.


3 – Any one who worship god shiva in parad form attains importance of life,hence one will attains good health.


4- Parad shivalinga worship in home and temple daily attains prosperity,good health and there is residential of all god/goddess in that bless home.


5 – Parad shivling)lord shiv) is only Supreme god of universe,who wash and removes all sin and mistake done in past,present life.We should make happy god shiva by chanting god shiva different mantra,offering daily flower to god shiva in temple

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