HOMETALES Long Cotton Wicks 1000 Pieces (1 pack)



Cotton wicks are an integral part of all Puja. Create a vibrant atmosphere during pujas and festivals by lighting diyas using HOMETALES Cotton Round Wicks. Made from finest and highly fibrous, excellent-quality 100% cotton, these cotton wicks are an ideal choice to use in diyas during Daily Puja, Diwali, pujas, prayers, and other occasions. The shape of our wick is round and suitable to use in any diya. They are perfectly prepared to ensure adequate absorption of oil to facilitate prolonged burning of the lamps and offer brighter diya lighting, maintaining lit up and lively surroundings. These wicks are entirely handmade and are suitable for Pooja. The HOMETALES Cotton Wicks retain shape even when dipped in ghee or oil. As a safety precaution, burn away from children and pets and place Diya in a heat-resistant area.

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