Golden Plated Maruti Yantra

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Golden Plated Maruti Yantra


One popular name of lord Hanuman is Maruti therefore the Yantra used for worshipping Lord Hanuman is known as Golden Plated Maruti Yantra. Golden Plated Maruti Yantra is worshipped to attain courage, confidence, good health and overcome misfortune. Descriptions for products are taken from Scripture, Written and Oral Traditions. Products are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent any Disease or Condition. We make no claim of Supernatural Effects. The image given here is for illustration. The actual product may slightly vary.

This Yantra is made on 30 gauge metal sheet.

The Weight of the Yantra is around 5 grams.

Size of This Yantra is 3” x 3”.

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