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Aona – eSplanade – Kalarambh Brass Worshipping Idols

The casting process though appears to be simple here in words is not so because it has to meet the quality standards to become an Ideal Idol to be installed for the Pooja. It takes lot of craftsmanship and artistic skill to fulfill those standards such as to make the moulds to be of the desired shapes and design, to carefully convert the molten metal into a Solid Brass structure as per the specifications of these design.

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Shri Lakshmi Ganesh – Lord Hanuman – Lord Murugan Idols of Worship

There are several God’s Idol sold in open market, malls and fairs. Without knowing the make of the Idol, if you purchase them, it may erode, lost its shine and the intricate details of it may fade away during the course of time or very early than imagined. You do not want this to happen and here we are going to make you know about the different make of God’s Idol and the Idol’s significance in your Pooja room.