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Foundation – Natural base of Makeup

Imperfections in the skin are very common due to the pollution, hormonal changes, lifestyle choices etc. These cannot be omitted practically nor could you ignore the wish of having the beautiful flawless skin imaginatively? Foundation are the perfect and natural base for this Makeup to cover the imperfections, provide even skin tone with a smooth glowing finish.

Welcome to the world of Foundation Makeup where we feature you the natural finish makeup products of Naari Shop Biz at unbelievable prices from the best cosmetic brands.

1. Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation:

This Foundation is Shade 01 Mousse available in 40 ml pack.

Shade of this Natural Finish Foundation

It has lightweight formula that blends easily to have a perfect smooth natural finish makeup. It stays for long hours duration.

Features of Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation

2. Mars Light Matte Mousse Foundation:

This foundation is of Shade Ivory-101, 60 ml pack. It comes in 5 different variants as shown below

5 different variants available in this Mousse Foundation

The Mousse just does not does its task of providing the foundation of your makeup skin but also hydrates and keeps your skin shining for long hours duration. It has unique adapting technology to suit the foundation to your skin color and the sun filters formulated within it to shield you from the rays of the Sun harming your skin. This guarantees you to have a radiant skin even on a hot sunny day.

Features of the Mars Light Matte Mousse Foundation

Some of its profound characteristics of easy blend, light weight formula provides your skin with natural look for long duration so that no one could identify the secret of your flawless complexion.

Characteristics of the Mars Light Matte Mousse Foundation

3. Seas BB Cream Foundation:

This is SPF 15 Foundation BB Cream of Natural shade in a 30 ml pack. It has moist formulation to hydrate as well as to lay the natural base for your makeup. It suits different color skin tones to hide the imperfections of the skin by its micro fine creamy texture.

Benefits of Seas BB Cream Foundation

Coverage of the skin is perfect, smooth and full so that no difference could be spotted between natural and makeup look.

Features of Seas BB Cream Foundation

The Foundation is dermatologically tested to be completely safe. It is harmless being free from paraben, is vegan friendly being cruelty free and oil free to give you a non-greasy texture.

Safety of the Seas BB cream Foundation

4. Blue Heaven Matte Foundation Natural:

This Foundation protects you from harmful UV rays since it has SPF 25 PA++ formulation to guard your skin. It is available in 7 shades with 2 cool tones and 5 warm tones as shown below.

Shades and tones of the Foundation

Experience the prominent flawless skin since the foundation is non transferable, waterproof and lasts for long duration. The other features of this Foundation are it is a light weight hydrated base liquid formula with matte finish that does not clog the pores of the skin.

Features of the Blue Heaven Matte Foundation Natural

The preferable choice in cosmetic industry, most commonly is NATURAL because all love the natural tone more than what is excessively created by makeup. We have featured the best selling brands of these Natural look Foundation that truly admires you to be natural and charismatic. So yours personal choice should go with ours to have a true beautiful look.

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