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Small Worshipping Idols of different make

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Everyone prefer small Idols for their worship where the idols should not be more than 9 inches and less than 2 inches. If the Idol size is bigger, it is unpractical to perform naivedyam to the bigger idol as in the temple. Also in the Pooja Stand that is common in every house, you could place many smaller idols to accommodate several Gods in one place for worship.

Since this is the growing trend in the Idol worship, we will focus on the Small Worshipping Idols of different make such as Parad, Polymarble, Brass, Gold Plated, Ashtadhatu and Ceramic from the shop of Shopclues, that are brittle and make your Pooja room more attractive.

1. Parad Shivling:

Size specifications

Parada is “Mercury” metal. Metal, as we imagine to be solid is in a liquid form here and is called “Rasaraja”. The Shivling that is made of this mercury metal is called Parad Shivling. This Shivling is made by purifying mercury and shaping it by special process.

It is believed that “Parad Shivling” is Lord Shiva himself and has the greatest equivalent power of worshipping 108 Shivlings in this Single Shivling. Positive strength, peace and happiness to the families are bestowed on the homes where this Shivling is installed.

2. Guru Nanak Ji’s Polymarble Idol:

Back of the Idol
Size specifications

Polymarble is a core of calcium carbonate covered in a polyurethane resin gel. It is the alternative choice in place of porcelain, real stone that resembles the kind of Polymarble.

Worship the Sikhism founder and great Guru, Guru Nanak Ji in this Polymarble statue to receive his blessings in every endeavor of your achievement and success.

3. Divya Brass Saraswati Statue:

LENGTH X BREADTH2 X 1.5 inches
HEIGHT4 inches
Size specifications

Brass is a mixture of an alloy of copper and zinc, that could be varied in proportions to achieve different colours. They are widely popular in worship items for their bright golden colour appearance, durability and strength.

Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. She renders good academic growth, fine artistic skills and intelligence and so she finds her place through this statue not only in Pooja room but also in artist room, children’s study room and library.

4. 24 Carat Ganesh Laxmi Durga Gold Plated Idol:

SIZE SPECIFICATIONS: Each Idol is 3 inches.

Gold Plated Idols last for years together when taken proper care since the thickness of gold electroplating has a strong coating that are resistant to oxidation, tarnishing and discoloration. Hence many prefer Gold Plated Idols for their daily prayers.

These three Idols of Gods are very common in every pooja room. Lord Ganesh is worshipped to overcome the difficulties, hardships in life and to gain knowledge. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped to bring prosperity, good luck in every walk of life. Goddess Durga is the Supreme Goddess to safeguard the family from unwelcome omens, wrath and dangers of life. So these three idols renders peace and happiness to every home when installed and worshipped in veneration.

5. Ashtadhatu Sherwali Mata Devi:

Back View
Size specifications

You will get the goodness and combined effect of eight metals here together in this Idol because Ashtadhatu is called Octo-alloy made up of eight metals: gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin, iron and mercury.

Sherwali Mata Devi is Goddess Durga who is the supreme deity of strength and power, also known as “Shakthi”. One who worships Sherwali Mata Devi with religious faith are endowed with good health, happiness and positive energy to overcome the life in a beautiful way.

6. Ceramic Handmade Matki Gopal Krishna:

LENGTH6.5 cm
Size specifications

Ceramic are hard, chemically non-reactive and hence lasts for a long time. Various hard, brittle, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials are shaped and then fired along with inorganic non-metallic material such as clay at high temperature to form this Ceramic material.

Matki Gopal Krishna Idol calls for love, affection, wisdom and positive energy to every home where this idol is installed. It forms a good show piece for the living room decoration as well.

Experience the energy of positivity inside various small idols in different make by installing it in your Pooja mandir. If you want to buy these Idols or look for other items to buy from Shopclues, please visit Shopclues Store of RSGS by <<CLICKING HERE>>

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