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Dhoop, Bathi and Pure Cow Ghee Diya – Primary Source of Worship Items

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Dhoop, Bathi and Cow Ghee Diya are primary sources of worship items in Hindu religion. Without these items, the worship seems to be incomplete.

Focus and concentration on the prayer is achieved when we combat all the distractions and negative energies already prevalent in the atmosphere and our surroundings. These Dhoop, Bathi and Diya helps to control and maintain these impediments which form the basic step before sitting for pooja.

Shopclues Bazaar brings you mess-free, stress-free primary sources of these Worship Items. It makes your mind and surroundings clean and pure for your everyday prayers.

1. Agarbathi Stand with Diya Stand:

It is made of Steel. It keeps your pooja room clean without any ashes spread out everywhere as it is fitted with a separate Ash Collector. Totally safe to use against burns and sudden accidental damage. Separate Holder is provided at the top for Diya that comes along with the Incense Stick Holder. It is a Combo Offer of 2-in-1 Worship Item laid in one long stand.

2. Kudos Electric Dhoop Machine:

The days of burning charcoal and emitting large smoke all around the house have gone away by the advent of this Kudos Electric Dhoop Machine. It emits less smoke with natural beautiful fragrances of varied choices into your pooja room and around the house by the switch of a button. Place some bakhoor Dhoop Incense on this Electric Dhoop Machine and enjoy the fragrant lovely moment while you sit for your pooja.

3. Jeehukm Chandan Perfumed Natural Fragrance Incense Stick : Pack of 5 + Adhyatam Agarbatti 1 Pack:

This is the Combo Offer to experience the fragrant atmosphere for days together. The Pack has 40 sticks of size 9″. It contains non-toxic natural fragrant smell to elevate your conscious to a new height.

Importance of Dhoop and Bathi:

  1. Peace of mind to improve concentration on Prayer by the fragrant and clean smell.
  2. Natural repellant and air cleaner
  3. Relieves stress and pain born out of tiredness.

In type of Diya used in Hindu religious worship, Cow Ghee Diya is considered to be the most auspicious. Cow is stated as “Kamadhenu” that gives bountiful fruits for the pure worship. Cow is the sacred animal in Hindu religion and lighting the lamp with Cow’s Ghee is thus considered as a holy ritual before starting any good deed. Ghee Diya used for prayers should not contain preservatives and should be obtained from the Cow feeding grass.

4. Pure Cow Ghee Diya for worship:

Side View of the pack

This is a 30 minute Ghee Diya. There are 100 Ghee Diya Battis in the packet accompanied by Cotton and organic solidifying agent. Size is 12 cm X 5 cm. It has the fragrant mild essence of Camphor, Sandalwood and Jasmine. They are mess free and smell proof while you burn them giving you hassle free pooja.

Importance of Pure Cow Ghee:

  1. Being a symbol of hope and light, it welcomes health, wealth and prosperity to your house.
  2. Prevents airborne diseases by its pervading nature around the atmosphere.
  3. Emits sattvic vibrations all the way up whereas Oil Diya could radiate these vibrations up to a metre distance.
  4. Three colours; red, yellow and an extra blue colour are visible in a Ghee Lamp. It helps in improving spiritual well being by attracting positive energy in pooja.
  5. These all factors of cleansing the atmosphere, emitting sattvic vibrations, attracting positivity makes you achieve an enlightened mind.

Spread the joy of happiness and enlightenment in your worship by these primary sources of worship items.

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