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Books are the greatest companion for us. They direct, guide and transform us into a new individual with the thoughts of knowledge, wisdom and truth of life.

There are ample of spiritual books available in the market but if you are looking for a unique book with rational approach related to common interest and goals, these 3 Books from Shopclues Bazaar would be worth buying. I would also like to share my thoughts about these 3 wonderful books.

1. 200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna by Deep Trivedi:

These books are available both in English and Hindi version. Of all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna’s incarnation seems interesting and puzzling.

Krishna has magnanimous personality and at the same time, he is not easily understandable. We revere Lord Krishna as a World Teacher who preached Bhagavad-Gita with principles of dharma imbibed in that holy book. But on the other side, we have portraits of him being depicted as dancing with Gopis or having many wives which a flirty man does. What does this difference imply and mean? There are many other instances by which we fail to understand the real personality of Lord Krishna which led us to misunderstand a common man with Lord Krishna, who is actually not.

In this book, Deep Trivedi unfolds the facts to Lord Krishna’s admirers about “200+ Shocking Truths about Lord Krishna” and this work was brought to you by extensively researching 30 scriptures of Mahabharata, Harivansha Puran, Bhagvata Puran and Garga Samhita.

2. Naturocracy by Shaupaun Kumar:

Short description about the book by Author

In this book, the author is putting importance on nature. This book is ideally suited for today’s societal happenings and the negligence of the people on the laws of nature. Its work speaks more logically, rationally than driven by illogical dogmatic principles.

Today, in the present scenario, our society is suffering heavily from bias built on casteism, religion, culture where people are made to avenge with their own people living together in one nation where everyone have the common interest of living happily. Far behind, Britishers have ruled the country by “Divide and rule” policy and now the same process is happening of dividing the united multicultural land into different cultural pieces, make them fight for each other to the extent of their survival only to satiate one’s selfish gain of power and rule. This should not happen and the people should realize this and be alert at any moment.

Religion is completely a personal affair made to bond with Almighty of which particular class of people believe within their norms and culture. We love our parents, sisters, brothers, friends etc and we have our own way of expressing love and binding with them. No one could interfere and advise as how, what should we call our father dearly? We will call them “Bapu”, somebody calls them “hero” and some the other way. Like this relationship bondage, everyone have personal bondage and affair with own expression to feel personally for the God. No one had experienced God in concrete form but everyone believe Almighty as supernatural force. The author here is describing if anyone posing as a religious broker does not know what a simple bee is, how could they understand powerful Almighty? So he is telling to ignore the so called, religious brokers as we do not need them in the personal affair between us and God.

Everywhere there is competition of measuring a nation’s progress by means of monetary gain it possess and the author is against this ranking system because by this competition, the nature is getting exploited to such an extent that future generations could not live. His opinion is to measure the growth index by how happy, peaceful the people of the particular nation live on this Earth rather than by materialistic comforts it possess because the nature’s companionship is ultimate for the happy living comfort of all. No one can be above and rule nature for the sake of materialistic gain. If we do, the man would be greatest destroyer of the only one living planet, Earth.

Very inspiring and realistic approach is weaved on this book and it is good read for the present generation.

3. Reflections on Life and Death by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan:

Short description about the book by the Author

This book focuses on the reality of Life and Death. By the word “Freedom”, I would quote an example to imply its meaning and purpose to understand the author’s words.

We have been given a beautiful house to stay for a week without any rent with all the facilities, gadgets, appliances and other furnishing. We feel that we are free to use this house as we wish. In order to enjoy, we will tamper with all the beautiful things of the house, make the house untidy by using the maximum liberty we have been given in a week. After a week, the beautiful house becomes awkward and we find ourselves difficult to live there. Till then, with the mirage of house being ours, we have used it with all freedom. Now the house owner arrives and here we stand answerable to all the careless irresponsible deeds we had committed in the house. The word “beautiful” has lost its significance to the meaning of “freedom” because our own sense of freedom is not giving scope to enjoy the beauty to a full extent now and is making us guilty to answer before the house owner. So where is freedom now? It is a trap and not freedom. Suppose if it is supplemented by principles & rules to keep the house clean, it allots lot of freedom to enjoy the beauty of the house anytime and get the admiration of the house owner when we handle the house to him. So Freedom has got its meaning when it has principles and rules within it. So the sense of this Freedom should become the habit and nature of the life.

This type of Freedom is depicted in this book “Reflections of Life and Death” and it has the gem of what real Freedom is meant within the cycle of where we have come to life here and where we have to depart from the Death here and appear before God who had sent here.

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