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Awaken your spiritual conscious by Tulsi and Rudraksha Prayer Beads

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Consciousness is the state of mind where the mind along with the body remains focused on a particular object or image. This focus of the mind upon worship is well attained by the Prayer Beads when the finger moves on a particular bead and it implies an impression of God’s mantra.

We will be discussing about the Prayer beads for your daily chants in solitude, with you and beads paying obeisance to the Gods. Of these Prayer beads, Tulsi Mala and Rudraksha Mala are the foremost in Hindu Chants.

Shopclues Bazaar brings you these worship items to make your chant well attuned and remain focused. Let us look into these items and know the importance of these Prayer Beads in our daily chants to God and Goddess.

Tulsi Prayer Beads

Tulsi is considered as the sacred plant in Hindu religion. It is said that all Gods and Goddess, sacred river waters, vedas reside in the Tulsi Plant. This sacred plant’s roots, twigs and woods are used in the make of the Tulsi prayer beads. The roots, twigs and woods are plucked, dried in the Sun for few days and are shaped manually to get a round or long shape in the form of beads. So finally, the Tulsi Prayer beads are ready for your worship.

One who wears Tulsi Mala should eat satvik food and chant daily wearing this Mala. The Mala should be washed with Gangajal before wearing and should be worn after drying. There are no restrictions of age, gender, caste to wear this Tulsi Mala and all are equally endowed with the bountiful grace of Lord Vishnu wearing this Mala.

Spiritual and Health Benefit of wearing this Mala:

  1. It brings calmness in thoughts and expression.
  2. It treats skin diseases.
  3. It cleanses the mind, body and soul away from all the bad deeds and thoughts.

Rudraksha Prayer Beads

The term “Rud” means “to cry” and “ra” means “the light of divine consciousness”. It is said that when anyone experiences divinity, the tears of joy of enlightenment flows out. Hence the name “Rudraksha” for this prayer bead. Also these prayer beads are scientifically proven to contain subtle electromagnetic atoms that influence the body as a whole by the research conducted by Dr. Suhas Rai of the Institute of Technology in Varanasi.

The Rudraksha stones are produced from the genus of Elacocarpus that are having broad leaves. These dried stones called “Stonefruit”, while they are in ripe condition are covered by blue outer fruit. So they are also called “Blueberry Beads”.

Different Mukhis (faces) from 1 to 21 are present in Rudraksha. Of these, 1 to 14 Mukhis are available generally while 15 to 21 Mukhis Rudraksha Bead are very rare to find. These Mukhis signifies different Presiding deity as follows

MukhiPresiding Deity
1 MukhiLord Shiva
2 MukhiShiva and Shakti
3 MukhiAgni
4 MukhiGuru
5 MukhiKalagni Rudra
6 MukhiLord Karthikeya
7 MukhiGoddess Lakshmi
8 MukhiLord Ganesha
9 MukhiGoddess Durga
10 MukhiLord Krishna
11 Mukhi11 Minor Rudras
12 MukhiSun
13 MukhiKamadeva
14 MukhiLord Hanuman

Spiritual and Health Benefit of wearing this Mala:

  1. Believed to be the protection force for the body, mind and soul as it radiates an optimistic cosmic energy within oneself.
  2. Suppresses negativity and improves concentration, confidence, courage to perform any activity.
  3. Removes the effects of negative planetary movements to bring peace and harmony.
  4. Chakras in the body will be well balanced to protect against potential illnesses.
  5. Controls stress and blood pressure to maintain calmness and smoothness inside the body and mind.

Awaken the ecstasy of Spiritual conscious within you by wearing and chanting these Prayer Beads to improve your concentration, maintain harmony and peace in your day-to-day life so the coming days are happy and graceful for you to embrace.

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