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Yantra plays as a synchronization and intensifying tool for your invoked prayer or mantras

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Earth is a magnetic field in which all forms of energies gets accumulated and attracted. Energies are conserved in different forms on this Planet Earth. Sometimes the energy fluctuates to a peak level and sometimes it may diminish. It appeared to the mind of ancient astrologist as how about extracting the good positive energies from the cosmos to influence one’s living harmony!

In the ancient Vedic texts, they explored the way of concentrating and focusing these energies that might be in the spiritual form by means of “Yantra”. Literally, Yantra means “to control, curb, bind or influence”. Yantras are considered to be the diagrammatic representation of different mantras that resonates positive energies, dispel negative energies to make oneself spiritually elevated.

Yantra is composed of geometrical shapes in a symmetric design generating subtle range of cosmic force matching the invoked energy. When the Vedic mantra is chanted, the layers of energy in microcosm of one’s voice vibrate on the same wavelength with the corresponding energy current in the macrocosm. Thus the combination of energies in mantra and yantra originates from the creation as a whole Macrocosm.

Yantra is a mystical religion based diagram that has ultimate reality and strong astronomical aesthetics. It conveys and propagates the significance of a mantra in a process. It could be etched on a two-dimensional surface or made in three dimensional form.

Alibaba brings you the best Yantras, Shri Yantra and Vaastu Yantra that are pre-required for the entire home and whole family to live a secured, happy, fortunate living filled with prosperity.

1. Shri Yantra:

This is Meru Shri Yantra. When the two dimensional Yantra is presented in three dimensions, it is known as Mahameru. Shri Yantra is powerful and auspicious among all different Yantras representing energies of all Gods and Goddesses. It is a representation of everyone’s entire life that is the play of Goddess Lalita.

The mystical diagram is also known as Shri Chakra. It consists of 9 interlocking triangles of which four points upwards representing Shiva and five points downwards representing Shakti. All these surrounds the central point called “Bindu”. The triangle represent the cosmos and the human body.

2. Vaastu Yantra:


Vaastu is the complete understanding of direction, geography, environment and physics. Vaastu Yantra is designed in such a way as to keep the balance of energies in the home environment such that the family enjoys an active, harmonious, happy life. Thus these Yantras wards off negative energies and creates positive energies.

The effects of Vaastu Yantra are intensified energetically and projected into the building by the nine Pyramids on the Yantra. Nine Yantra Sets of Vaastu Purush (center), Surya, Rahu, Ketu, Chandra, Guru, Budha, Mangal and Shukra are covered by these Pyramids.

Along with the busy humdrum of life, there are complications of steep real estate prices, scarcity to get a good land and on the top of it, there are rare chances that you get a good location with the expectation that the location should be near your office or your kids school and with that, it should meet all the requirements of a perfect Vaastu. Emphasizing and imagining all these points seems highly impractical in this modern age. You could modify, alter the look of the building or a house but could you change the complete architecture all over? It’s not easy and possible. So these Vaastu Yantras are of help to you to sort out, correct the defects or dosha in Vaastu at your preferred location of the land, house or building.

Vaastu Yantra is usually placed inside the Earth while constructing the building or a house and then placed in the holy place such as the pooja room of your house.

Bring home the peace and happiness you are always seeking for by the presence of these two important Yantras. These two Yantras are brought to you by Alibaba known for their customized products and solutions which gives you the opportunity to get your customized Yantras at a very reasonable price.

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