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While in worship or meditation, concentration or focus is important where outside distractions had to be ward off from the mind. To achieve this concentration in a Pooja room, the Shadow Light Holder would do the best for you. If your focus is on Lord Ganesh, Nava Durga, syllable Om or maybe the mantras carved on the Pooja Door Panel to reflect on the whole of Pooja room and for this, suppose the vedic hymns are played as the background music, your worship to God becomes drastically extreme.

Nithya Kusum brings you the Shadow Light Holders that assures you this concentration effect upon your worship or meditation. In Shadow Light Holders, it is not the concept of only light glowing and illuminating its radiance but it is the role of the Shadow in having the glimmering effect of getting the focus of the Idol or Worship Symbol spread all over the Pooja ambience. Shadow Light Holders have became a trend now that has the same impact of concentration in your worship or meditation that you may experience in solace of the mountains or deep sea environment.

1. Metal OM Black – Golden Votive Tealight Holder:

This Shadow Tealight Holder is an absolute choice made for meditation. It lightens and encapsulates the whole Pooja room with the hypnotizing glow and shades of the syllable ‘OM’. It appears as though the vibrations of OM are glooming enough with gleaming lights being propagated around the ground. Truly, a magnificent piece of experience in meditation if you own this Shadow Tealight Holder.

2. Shadow Buddha Tealight Candle Holder:

Shadow Buddha Tealight Candle Holder when not being lit

For Lord Buddha’s devotees, this will serve as the magnified piece of Tealight Candle Holder to look for Lord Buddha’s divine embodiment all over the worship place. When the Tealight Holder is lit on, the Lord Buddha’s image formed in the wall is magnificent and engrossing. Further the Sun-like vibrating rays conjugated upon the ground looks as though sending out the spectacular vibrating waves of meditative prayer and the view the idol appears in the real divine form. It’s a classic and attractive piece of Tealight Holder that has treasure of devotion hidden within it.

3. Suvarnadeep Diya Metallic Gold Shree Swamini:

Everyone expect Home to be a place of harmony, health and wealth. Negative energies like Vaastu Dosha should be warded off to welcome peace, health and prosperity in a house. There is a special Shadow type Diya Holder called “Suvarnadeep Diya” made of metallic Gold that has the concept of Vaastu Shasthra, Ayurveda and Spirituality bound together within it. This Diya is made of Panchaloha or Panchadhata, i.e., five metals. It has Shri Ganesh, Shri Yantra, Lakshmi Kuber Yantra and Tara Mandal that signifies the 5 elements of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. All the positive and good elements that you are expecting in a home are available in this 700 gm Diya that is coupled with a FREE Brass Niranjan and 50 gm Bhimseni Camphor. Everything is ready for you. Just light it to experience the mystical composites of miraculous power spread across your home.

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