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Showpiece Tealight Holders

Pooja room is an ambience that enlightens you before the God discarding the worries and stress of your life. If this mind is still captivated with the beautiful picturesque glowing Showpiece, you will be filled with miraculous positive energy for your prayers to be answered by God.

Here we are going to discuss about the Tealight Holders that are made as Showpiece which serves for both the worship and decorative purpose. Nithya Kusum Store has got distinct kind of Flowery and Rajasthani Traditional Puppet Tealight Holders to give your Pooja room a sacred and traditional approach.

1. Flowery Tealight Holders

1.1. Buddha Idol with Lotus Flower Tealight Holder:

This is made of resin and marble dust. It comes in wooden royal tray. The golden Lotus Flower Tealight Holder is placed in front of the Idol with the magnified blessing hand of Lord Buddha assuring his forever grace. It measures 19 x 15 x 23 cm.

1.2. Flowery Rings Tealight Holder – Pack of 1:

Flowery Ring Tealight Holder (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM RSGS)

These are handcrafted Tealight Holders where you could place the Bunch of Artificial Flowers Tealight Holder upon the provided ornamental pearl design rings. The pack consists of 1 Box, 3 Tealight Holders, 3.5 inches Rings. When lit, it gives an impression of festive decoration celebration of Diwali in your Pooja room everyday.

2. Rajasthani Traditional Puppet Tealight Holders

2.1. Couple’s Boat Travel Puppet Tealight Holder – Pack of 2:

These Tealight Holders are completely handmade by recognized JH Gallery artisans. The Rajasthani costumes with their traditional art are displayed on these Tealight Holders. The recycled materials are used in the make. It measures 7 inches x 2.5 inches. When lit, one could spot the couples travelling in a boat with the candlelit between them.

2.2. Dancing Troupe Puppet Tealight Holder – Pack of 1:

Dancing Troupe Tealight Holder (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM RSGS)

This Dancing Troupe Puppet Tealight Holder is also made by the recognized JH Gallery artisans. The recycled material is used in the make of this Showpiece Tealight Holder. It measures 15 cm x 15 cm. When lit, it appears as though the group of Rajasthani Traditional Dance troupe have already set to dance in the glimpse of the Candlelit.

Make your Pooja room special with these decorative Showpiece Tealight Candle Holders. Let everyday become a festival day in your Pooja room by the awesome wonderful decorative Tealight Holders.

If you are interested to buy these Showpiece Tealight Holders or look for other worship items to buy from Nithya Kusum, please visit Nithya Kusum Store of RSGS by <<CLICKING HERE>>

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