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Uniquely crafted different type of Candles


The light that propagates and illuminates your whole ambience has a special mention of its glow in the dark. It enlivens your senses, improves your concentration, soothes your mind and not to forget, the refreshing feeling it recuperates by its mere presence in the dark atmosphere of the night. It, somehow, in the treasure of the darkness has an impact on your conscious and subconscious mind. The source of it, say, the Candle light as a source of prayer, meditation, decoration of the ambience and the unforgettable night parties, also the candlelight dinners of the couples in love have drawn so much importance in our life.

Here we have a brief idea that Candles are not just for propagating light but it has got its own significance and motives behind it. These Candles deserve a unique place in Home décor. Let us explore how the uniquely crafted Candles of different types take up its lead role in the ambience of your home decoration from the stores of Nithya Kusum.

1. Rose Candles

1.1. Classic Multicolor Rose Flower Big Candles (Pack of 7 Pcs):

Bunch of lovely Roses form a compact feature of this beautiful Rose Flower Big Candles. You get it in the combo pack of 7 pcs.

1.2. Designer Rose Flower Candles (Pack of 6 Pcs):

These are of individual Rose pattern medium sized Candles available in the combo pack of 6 pcs.

Rose flower is the art of nature with its special curves and symmetric. These flowers create art. Portray the artistic creation of these Rose Flower Candles in the ambience of your home décor to reveal the art lover within you.

2. Geometric Candles

2.1. Homes Aid Candle Pack of 6 Square Shape Candles:

Like the square tin boxes placed around, they complement your ambience with contrasting white color of their body and the golden color of their sparkling flame to glow in the night.

2.2. Smoak and Melt Geometric Tower Candle:

This is a hand-made Soy wax Candle having pastel colors of Pink and Purple. It is a Big Candle having the dimension of 10 cm(h) and 45 cm(w). Like the towers of the building, it is shaped geometrically to become a concise vision model in your home ambience.

If the Rose Candles are for art lovers, these Geometric Candles are for architecture lovers whose world goes for the perfect scale of shapes and structures.

3. Floating Candles

3.1. Floating Wick Candles (Pack of 300):

These Floating Wick Candles absorbs less oil. It can float on oil for 8 hours. It is available in a pack of 200.

3.2. NSCC – Mix Design Lotus Flower Design Floating Candles (Pack of 3-18 Pcs):

These Lotus Flower Design Floating Candles delights your mood to a great extent by its lovely pattern of floating flowers. The Candle does not drip. So you do not have to worry about the mess of its residue being melted and left over. These are made of high paraffin pressed wax that provide long lasting burning performance up to 4 hours.

Glorify your house with these Floating Candles to create a new atmosphere of bright celebration. If you have a floating Diya Bowl with oil, these Candles could become the glowing spangles upon the liquid surface reflecting their light to sparkle your home.

4. Scented Candles

4.1. Lily of the Valley, Highly fragranced Jar Candle, 2.65 Oz Wax:

Who doesn’t love Lily flower? The negative answers are few while you notice its beauty and fragrance. They are the selected flowers to be offered for worship. This is a Jar Candle consisting of imported fragrance of Lily flower with 2.65 Oz wax to glow your house with a pleasant lily smell.

4.2. Yellow Petal Cactus Candle with Vanilla & Mix Fruit Scent (Pack of 3):

These are Scented Candles having the Vanilla and Mix Fruit fragrance. These are environment friendly Candles by Yellow Petals available in pair. They are chemical free and burn evenly for about 4-6 hours. They are of 65 gm each. Enjoy the ice-cream and fruit flavor not only in your dishes but through the aura of these Scented Cactus Candles that are pretty enough to sizzle your home ambience by its cute appearance and smell.

Together with embellishing the ambience with the gracious presence of its appearance and light, these Candles captivates you with its fragrance. It could become a wonderful combination to glow as well as smell fresh to awaken your senses.

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