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Delightful Tealight Candle Holders for the coming merry Christmas


“Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick, and it giveth light unto all that are in the house”

Mathew 5.5, so says the Bible

In Christianity, before each mass, a candle is lit to represent the illumination of Lord Jesus Christ. For every ritual and ceremony of the church, the candle is prerequisite. Let us spread this illumination of the candle still further by the delightful candle holders designed with different pattern exclusively to achieve this. But how is now the question?

In Christmas celebration, Candle gives you the light that spreads upon your ambience to a certain extent. If your mind goes for elaboration and highlighting the celebration, Tealight Candle Holders made with different patterns will do the best for you because it spreads the glow and illumination of the candle over the entire room focusing the Image and its reflection in the Tealight Holder to be the center of the focus on a particular special day.

Christmas Eve celebration & decoration are going on pompously in Christian Household families. To highlight and showcase this special event, we at Nithya Kusum have brought the below mentioned different pattern of Tealight Candle Holders to make your celebration unique and special.

1. Shadow Christmas Cross Tealight Candle Holder:

The material is made of Iron with the exquisite Golden colour. While the candle is lit, the shadow of the Christmas Cross spreads over the ambience enlightening the illumination and importance of the Holy Cross over the entire room as shown below

Fig 2. Shadow of the Holy Cross spread over the ambience

This is the Shadow pattern type of Tealight Candle Holder. It gives a significant prominence to the grand celebration of the Christmas eve highlighting the Holy Cross over the ambience.

2. Christmas Decoration Items – Deer Style Candle Holder with Candles – Pack of 1:

The symbolic representation of the Reindeer is wisdom, resourcefulness, cleverness, knowledge, creativity, inventiveness. Reindeer attained its importance in Christmas celebration for its nobility and continuation of the tribe. They are commonly used to pull sleds and sleighs in Northern Europe. This animal is viewed as the favourite associate of Santa’s travel.

This is the Decorative Doll pattern of the Tealight Candle Holder. Keep this GOOD FORTUNATE symbolic representation in your house which has a Tealight Candle Holder to create luminosity for your Christmas celebration.

3. Designer coaster candles with T Wax light Multicolor glass stands – Set of 3:

Fig 5. Designer Coaster Candles with T Wax without any color

The Coaster Candle Holders are made with colours of red, blue, yellow glass stands as shown in Fig 4 and is also of without colour as shown in Fig 5. It has pearl designed coaster to support the Glass Stands Tealight Candle Holder. When the Candle is lit within the glass stands, it illuminates the light of the candle while propagating and reflecting the different attractive colours of the glass stand so you could spot the glow of multicolored lights lit in your house with different hues. It astonishes the dark atmosphere of the night.

Fig 6. The glow of the Candles in a Coaster T Wax Candle Holder with and without colour glass stands
Fig 7. Coaster Multicolored Tealight Candle Holders astonishing the dark background of the night

This is the Glass Stand Coaster pattern multicolored Tealight Candle Holder. Its presence with the multicolor lights forms a beautiful Christmas decoration around your house.

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