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Bhimonee – Solimo – Two Moustaches Brass Diyas

“Tamsu-ma-jyotir-gamaya” quotes the journey of Diya from the life’s darkness to the light. Before the coming season’s celebration of lights during Diwali, let us know this journey still better. “Lighting a Diya” in the house is considered an auspicious daily routine. If in a house, if no diyas are lightened, it indicates to others that something mournful, bad, untoward event had happened in that house.

What do exactly this Diya signifies and why should anyone think bad when Diya is not lightened? The reason is Diya signifies goodness, fortune, purity and power. It represents the triumph of light over dark, good over evil. The oil in the Diya symbolizes the dirt in the human mind such as hatred, envy, jealousy etc. The Cotton Wick symbolizes “Athma (Soul) of Self”. Hence the total picturization of lighting the Diya is to burn and get rid off the impurities prevalent in the mind that is attached to the Soul or Self through the suction of Oil and burning of Diya. It expresses dedication and complete surrender to the goodness from the evil. Those who strongly believe in this system of Hindu tradition would not like to blow off the candles during theirs and their family members Birthday parties.

Though simple the procedure of lighting Diya, the complicated is the meaning behind the significance of lighting Diyas. To make your home look attractive and brightening with the glow of Diyas, we have beautiful range of Diyas that are designed with the God’s weapons Shanka & Chakra, Goddesses seat Lotus and God’s vehicle Peacock. These unique and exclusively crafted Diyas are brought to you by Amazon India.

1. Bhimonee Decor Pure Brass Shanka Chakra Kuber Diya:

This is the 3 inch 1 pair of Brass Diya having the pattern of Lord Vishnu’s weapons, Shanka and Chakra.

Fig 2. Dimensions of Bhimonee Decor Pure Brass Shanka Chakra Kuber Diya

It has a length 6.5 cm, width 6 cm and height 7.5 cm. It weighs 200 g per set.

This impressive designed Kuber Diyas lights up your house reminding you of the bountiful grace and safeguard of Lord Vishnu’s weapons, Shanka and Chakra in your house. The material is durable and sturdy for the long everyday use.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Brass Diya with Double Petals:

This single Brass Diya is designed with Lotus pattern, the attribute of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi.

Fig 4. Diya’s Dimensions
Fig 5. Diya’s Size within your palm

The Diya measures the length 11.2 cm, width 11.2 cm and height 5.5 cm. It weighs 400 g.

Solimo is the premium quality Amazon brand that delivers its products to customers at a low price ensured with best quality. As you look, the double petals have a smooth shiny finish with the sturdy make. It is awesome to look the Diya lighting from the Lotus and the the shade reflecting from the petals on all sides to make an imaginary picture of the flower on the ground.

3. Two Moustaches Peacock Design Brass Diya:

This single Brass Diya is designed with Peacock standing at the tip of the Diya. This Big Diya is attached to a small skillfully handcrafted stool stand. The Peacock is said to be the vehicle of Lord Murugan.

Fig 7. Diya’s Dimensions

The Diya measures a length 15 cm, width 15 cm and height 27.5 cm. It weighs 2 Kg 180 g.

The Diya is made of high grade Brass material with antique finish that has long durability and easy maintenance. Nine wick partitions with round base has good oil holding capacity. You could use it as an Akhand Diya in your house for an auspicious event to glow your home full of its light.

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