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Diyas and Tealight Candles to brighten your Pooja room

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What is this Tealight doing in the Pooja room while it should be in the Tea Canteen? will be the question here as its name suggests. Tealight originally derived its name by its use in the Teapot warmers at the Tea Canteen. Now its popularity has spread to the atmosphere of the Pooja room, Diwali Festivals and Thulasi Pooja replacing or being an alternative to Diyas.

The advantage of the Tealight Candle is that it does not require oil and you could concentrate only on your pooja after it is being lit without messing up with oil and cotton. Some of them emit fragrance overriding the need for incense burners, incense sticks and the ashes they spread everywhere.

Tealight Candles are the new method followed nowadays but it has not diminished the popularity of Diyas to any extent. In traditional household who would like to follow the ancestral tradition of lighting Diyas, Diyas have still maintained their prominent place in the Pooja room. Diyas comes in different attractive shapes, sizes, designs and colours.

We will highlight about these traditional Diyas and Tealight Candles that are being used in the Pooja brought to you by IGP, the Indian Gift Portal.

1. Diyas:

1.1. Pooja Thali with Cashews and Diyas (Set of 4):

This is a packed Pooja Kit that could be gifted for the festive occasion.

The pack consists of

  1. Thali Plate
  2. Metal Diya Set of 4
  3. Premium Cashews of 100 g
Fig 2. Thali Plate

The size of this Thali plate is 7cm X 7cm X 19cm (l x b x h). The Thali plate is beautifully decorated with stones on its rims. It is a gold toned Pooja Thali likely to shine as a golden plate in front of the Pooja room.

Fig 3. Metal Diya Set of 4

These Diyas are based on handcrafted threaded Platters that highlights the Diya Set charmingly with a new glow.

Fig 4. Premium Cashews of 100 g

These are Premium Cashews of 100 g from IGP serving as a token of friendship in the gifting Pooja Kit.

1.2. Sunflower Shaped Jyoti Diya in Golden Brass Finish:

The size of this Diya is 5 cm X 2.5 cm (l X b X h). The flowery designed Diya has a golden Brass finish. It is sturdy being with delicate and fine features representing the beautiful shape of the Sunflower. Light up your home with this Sunflower Shaped Diya to have a gleeful smile of a blossoming Sunflower. It could be a memorable gift for your loved ones as well.

2. Tealight Candles:

2.1. Lotus Metal Tealight Holders with Tealights (Set of 4 + 4):

This pack consists of 4 Tealight Candles of 3.8 cm X 3.3 cm (l X b X h) and 4 Metal Diyas of 3.1 X 3.1 X 0.7 Inches.

The Lotus has a significant place in Hindu mythology. It is the seating place of Hindu Goddesses and is a favourite flower held in their hands. Lotus symbolizes the essence of purity i.e., whatever the source of water, maybe pure or stagnant, the flower remains unattached. This picturization denotes remaining unattached to happiness or sadness, attractions or ugliness for the pupil attending the Pooja by the glow of this Tealight.

The Lotus Tealight Holders are engraved with skillful artistry maintaining minute details of the curves and folds involved in a blooming Lotus. A well crafted Masterpiece indeed!!

2.2. Tealight Candles with Platters:

Fig 8. Close View of a Individual Tealight Candle

These are the set of 4 Earthen Tealight Candles measuring 8 cm X 8 cm X 3 cm (l X b X h) made of Clay. A complete skillful handcrafted work with exquisite presentation of its details from the platter to the rim of the Clay pot. The Pot is hand painted with flowery and dot pattern followed by the golden painted rim at its top. The Platters add additional attraction with Zari and Rajasthani Gota work.

Light up your house with these traditional and classy Diyas and Tealight Candles to brighten up your home and start up with a new auspicious day.

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