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Shri Lakshmi Ganesh – Lord Hanuman – Lord Murugan Idols of Worship


After making the required arrangements before Pooja, we must install the gracious beautiful God’s Idol because God’s Idol is the manifestation of God as per Hindu religious belief on whom everyone have faith, devotion and consider as an epitome of divine power.

There are several God’s Idol sold in open market, malls and fairs. Without knowing the make of the Idol, if you purchase them, it may erode, lose its shine and the intricate details of it may fade away during the course of time or very earlier than imagined. You do not want this to happen and here we are going to make you know about the different make of God’s Idol and the Idol’s significance in your Pooja room. These Idols are brought to you by IGP, India’s Gift Portal, the ideal gift Eshop for all your personalized choices.

1. Gold and Silver Plated Lakshmi and Ganesh Idols:

Material used here is Resin. It is cast of fiberglass resin. The Resin does not dissolve in water and they could be casted so as to look like Brass, Stone, Marble Idols. The Gold and Silver Plating are covered to glitter the Idol with full shine and form the center of attraction in the Pooja room.

The size of the Idol is 5cm X 5 cm X 7 cm (l X b X h) and weighs 100 gm.

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are the common Idols kept in every Pooja room. It is believed that they bring the hope of wealth and prosperity without any obstacles to their devout devotees.

2. Lord Hanuman Idol:

Side View

Material used here is White Metal. White Metal is the light colored base alloys usually made of Antimony, Bismuth, Tin, Cadmium, Zinc that may vary depending on the need. These metals have low melting point and good resistance to friction. Hence they are used in making statues and idols.

The size of this Idol is 15 cm X 6 cm X 5 cm (l X b Xh)

Lord Hanuman is the humble devotee of Lord Ram. Where Lord Ram is worshipped, there is always the presence of Lord Hanuman there. This Hanuman Idol seated on the flower base seems to be bestowing his fearless grace upon his devotees who have desperate lives filled with troubles, worries, hardship and bad dreams.

3. Lord Murugan Idol:

Material used here is Brass. Brass is an alloy metal made of Copper and Zinc. The colour range may vary from red to yellow depending on the amount of Zinc added to the alloy. It is a strong metal and has good resistance to rust, corrosion from the salt water and hence is preferably used in the make of God’s Idol.

The size of the Idol is 7.7 cm X 6.2 cm X 17 cm (l X b X h)

Lord Murugan is worshipped for the removal of lifelong obstacles, failures and difficulties that are hard to cope and fade away easily. He is said to be the supreme commander of the God’s army. He assures peace and happiness to every believer who seeks his blessings. The Peacock, Spear are the other attractions of this Idol.

Arrange these Idols made of best quality make in your Pooja room to embrace the divine power in your house or gift it to your loved ones for a House warming ceremony to wish for their bright future.

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