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Mandap – Kalash – Pooja Mat , Essential Worship Items before Pooja

Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. In case of sadness, we seek refuge of God to protect us and lead us to a happy life. There is a proverb “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. To approach God, we must be clean inside within our soul and outside with our fresh body. Without that cleanliness, positive energy does not flow and our prayers would not reach God.

To maintain the sanctification and worship God with the pure mind and body, we have the list of these Worship Items that should be considered as essential before Worship. They are

  1. Mandapam (Wooden Temple)
  2. Kalash (Sacred Pot)
  3. Pooja Mat (Prayer Mat)

These Worship Items form a beautiful home décor. They give you the divine touch and feel to your home’s atmosphere. These items are brought to you by Amazon India at an affordable rates made with the best quality material.

1. Mandap:

This is the source of the divine power in your home. This should be kept at a focused area of your house so that you get a positive feeling, a firm belief and devotion to God while entering your house.

If you place the deity there without Mandap, accidentally you or anyone might touch the deity with dirty hands or children may take it up as a toy to play or it may get spoilt due to dust, rust etc. If a separate place called “Mandap” is reserved for it, it would be the best. Regarding Mandaps, three essential things have to kept in mind:

  1. Mandap should be at a height appropriate to the person’s chest in a sitting position. Lowering the height is considered as disrespect to the God and increasing the height is creating unnecessary discomfort to see the deity and offer prayers properly.
  2. As per Vaastu, Mandap should be kept in the Eastern or North-Eastern corner of the house.
  3. Mandap should not kept below the area of the staircase.

Let us get highlighted about the two types of Mandap used in regular pooja

  1. Open Mandap with no doors
  2. Closed Mandap with doors
    These two types of Mandap come in a pre-assembled state.

1.1. Home and Bazaar Rajasthani Ethnic Pooja Mandap:

This is the Open Mandap without doors. Material used here is Mango & MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard).

Outer Size: 15 x 18 x 18 Inch
Inner Size: 13 x 7 x 7 Inch (length x deep x height)

It is ethnically handcrafted with intricate traditional designs to get more focus and devotion towards God while performing Pooja.

1.2. Kamadhenu art and craft Pooja Mandap:

This is the Closed Mandap with doors. Material used is Wood and MDF.

Outer Size: 18 x 12 x 24 Inch (length x width x height)
Inner Size: 45 x 28 x 40 cm (width x depth x height).

The slit doors with beautiful wooden craft embellish your pooja room with a royal charm and glory.

2. Kalash:

The vacant pot of Kalash symbolizes Earth. If that pot is filled with water, it symbolizes the pre-existent water that has created life on this Earth. So Kalash represents the sanctified presence of bountifulness of nature.

During the auspicious ceremonies of temple and home, this Kalash will be filled with water topped with a coronet of Mango leaves and a Coconut. Purna (Complete) Kalash symbolizes the manifestation of Mother Earth with her water, minerals and vegetation.

The Kalash is also used for bathing the idols known as “Abhishek”. Abhishek represents the total surrender to the God. By bathing the idol, the devotees cleanses their minds before the worship of that Idol in a Pooja Mandap.

Let us get highlighted about these two types of Kalash:

  1. Big Kalash for the Kalash Ceremony
  2. Small Kalash for the Abhishek

2.1. Mantr Shivaalay Heritage Om Kalash:

This big Kalash is suitable for Kalash ceremony. Material used here is Brass. It has an approximate size of a height about 3.1″ Inches, diameter about 3″ Inches and base about 1.7″ Inches. This Kalash is traditionally and well designed to be the great attraction of your pooja room. It signifies your wish for a greater abundance in your life.

2.2. Rokoo Brass Plate Thali with Shivling stand Jal Abhishek Kalash Lota:

Fig 4. Rokoo Brass Plate Thali with Shivling stand Jal Abhishek Lota (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM RSGS)

All the materials here are made of Brass. The approximate sizes are as follows:
Brass Pooja Thali Plate: 6 Inches in diameter
Brass Shivling Stand: 10 cm
Brass Lota/Kalash: 5 cm

This small Kalash is suited for Jal Abhishek of a small Shivling up to 3 Inches in height. Lord Shiva favors Jal Abhishek that symbolizes the purity of devotees mind before the worship of the Lord. Without keeping and bathing the Shivling elsewhere but in your pooja room with assembled cleaned Thali plate reserved for pooja, you are maintaining the sanctity and worship of the Shivling before being installed in your pooja Mandap. This sanctification is important to assure you with the Lord’s everlasting grace.

3. Pooja Mat:

Earth has the greatest magnetic fields compared to the other planets. As per the scientific and cosmic studies, it is believed that energies exerted by the living bodies, which is also ourselves are absorbed by the Mother Earth. If we are directly in contact with the ground, i.e., Mother Earth, the devotional energy and the divine power that is exerted will quickly get absorbed by the Earth. In order to avoid it, a mat or a seat is placed as a mediator between the devotee and the Mother Earth. Vaastu also recommends not to sit on the floor directly but in the Mat with the various asanas (postures) for the blessings of God to shower upon you without interruption.

3.1. HOPIKO Natural Grass Handcrafted Pooja Mat – Set of 4:

Fig 6. HOPIKO Pooja Mat Features

These are handcrafted Madhurkathi (River grass) mats provided with additional Cotton Cloth piping such that it is taken care of not splitting from its ends. It is classically designed with bright vivid colors to decorate your Pooja room floor.

This Pooja Mat is square shaped measuring 18 x 18 Inches. The Mats are non-toxic, eco-friendly by being biodegradable and remaining organic. It provides ethnic appearance to your Pooja’s ambience. They are handmade by local artisans and also being exported globally.

Get ready for your pooja by arranging these Worship Items that are needed before starting your Pooja and let your Pooja become successful in bringing new hopes to your life.

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